Competition Shooter
butt hook
System Gemini AKTIV Anschutz 4765 Buttplate TEC-HRO Fusion MEC Free position
Height adjustable between positions yes yes yes yes yes
Height adjustable without tools yes yes - - -
Angle adjustable top and bottom sections yes yes - yes yes
Anatomical hook yes - - yes yes
Mid section articulation yes yes - - -
Over shoulder support yes yes - - -
Extra cantilever links available yes yes - - -
Rubber contact pads - - - yes yes
Construction Light weight Nylon Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
(inc carrier plate)
250g 580g ? ? ?
Price £ 135 £ 370 £ 170 £ 230 £ 215

When comparing different butt hooks, some features will have more relevance to different people. We’re all different and we all have different requirements. But I’ve compiled this table based on the features that have the most relevance to me personally. If you have a question regarding your own personal requirements that I haven’t included in this table please get in touch.
  Brian Samson