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Field Target butt hook


Unrivalled comfort, adjustability and stability at a price so low you won't believe it's possible.

The hook is now supplied in satin black and can be fitted to any rifle. It comes without holes drilled in the carrier plate, so you can drill your own holes to match up perfectly with the holes left when you remove your old hook. The screws used to fix the hook to your stock will need to be countersunk.

Now supplied with 3 links and thumbscrew as standard
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Product Description

TX200 fitted with Competition Shooter Butt Hook and Bushnell Turret TX200 fitted with Competition Shooter Butt Hook and Bushnell Turret

Unparalleled stability and comfort in every position

This is the most comfortable butt hook I’ve ever used.  It can be adjusted and extended to fit anyone!.  Have you ever wondered why some butt hooks have a straight hook bar? How many people do you know with a flat torso?  The Competition Shooter butt hook has been designed to fit your anatomy perfectly, it curves where you curve and the unique ‘Beaver Tail’ hook end sits comfortably under your arm to give extra support without digging into your sides like some hooks do.  It’s so comfortable in fact that the only way I know it’s there is because my crosshairs are unnaturally stable in all 3 shooting positions (sitting, kneeling, standing).

Made of nylon but stronger than aluminium

It doesn’t seem possible does it?  How can nylon be stronger than metal?  Well have you ever heard the saying that a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link?  All the potential weak spots on the Competition Shooter hook have been strengthened and thickened to be much much thicker than it’s heavy aluminium counterparts.

The brand new Air Arms FTP900, comes as standard with an aluminium butt hook, but at it’s weakest point the aluminium is just 1.5mm thick!  The Competition Shooter hook at it’s weakest point is 12mm thick.  If you apply the same amount of pressure to the FTP900 standard hook and the Competition Shooter hook, the Air Arms hook will snap long before the nylon Competition Shooter hook will.

Accidents can happen of course, but you can rest assured that in the unlikely event that you break your Competition shooter hook, every single component of the hook is available as a spare part at a price that will make you smile.

The only butt hook you’ll ever need.

This hook has been designed specifically to meet the needs of Field Target shooters, it’s level of adjustability is only rivaled by the System Gemini AKTIV butt hook but at a fraction of the cost.

The hook is made from tough lightweight nylon which won’t upset the delicate balance of your rifle but is strong enough to take all the knocks it’s ever likely to receive in normal usage.

Every part of the hook system is available as a spare, and if the design is updated and improved you’ll only need to buy the parts you want to upgrade, no need to sell your hook to buy the latest version.

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Questions & Answers

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Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions

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Feature comparison

Feature comparison

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Weight 300 g
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