There are aluminium hooks for not much more, what’s so special about your hook?


There's a perception that something made of nylon should be cheaper than something made of metal. With the Competition Shooter hook, you're paying for the method of production rather than the material. These hooks are produced on very expensive selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printers, and those things aren't cheap. Home 3D printers are becoming more popular now and on the face of it they seem quite cheap, but there's a world of difference between something produced on a £2,000 home printer and something produced on a professional £250,000 SLS machine.
I haven't answered the question have I? Ok, you could look at it in a different way - you can buy an Anschutz 4765 hook for about £170, but you can also buy a System Gemini hook for £370 - why should you buy a Gemini when you can get an Anschutz for £200 cheaper? Or indeed, why should you buy a butt hook at all when a rubber butt pad costs £15. It comes down to the features you want from your hook and what you hope it's going to give you. If you don't know what benefit a butt hook is going to give you then I recommend not buying one at all until you're clear on what you want and what you think it's going to give you.

Is nylon going to be strong enough


Most of the other hooks on the market are made from aluminium, with some parts made in stainless steel. On the face of it if you compare aluminium with nylon, aluminium is going to be stronger but that doesn't tell the whole story. The sections of the Competition Shooter butt hook that will be under stress are many times thicker than their aluminium counterpart.
As an example, the weakest point on the brand new Air Arms FTP900's hook is just 1.5mm thick. The weakest part of the Competition Shooter's butt hook is 12mm thick! The Air Arms FTP900 butt hook will snap well before the hook on the Competition Shooter butt hook will!

Overseas shipping


We can ship all over the world, if your country isn't listed on the checkout it just means we haven't calculated the best shipping method and price for your country yet. Please Get in touch and we'll be happy to arrange overseas shipping to your country.

How long will it take if I order a part on backorder


If the part you want isn't in stock, we can have the parts manufactured to order. It takes a minimum of 2 weeks for 3D printed parts to be delivered, and can take a week or so to finish and complete the hook after this. Please bare in mind that at busy times it can take longer - you should allow around 28 days for delivery.